Finance Mgmt - Calculate the Overhead Cost (Per Direct Labour Hour) for Each of the Four Producing Departments This Should Include Share of the Service Departments’ Costs

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1. Who are the two parties to this potential lease transaction?

2. How will these alternative decisions impact the company's Capital Structure and its balance sheet?

3. What discount rate should be used in this Net Present Value analysis? Why? 4. In the Purchase Decision, what are the cash flow impacts of the Bank Loan? (Please focus on the after tax cash flows.) 5. Construct a spreadsheet to calculate the payback period, internal rate of return, modified internal rate of return, and net present value of the proposed mine. 6.
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Which option would you recommend ? Why ?


1. Analyze the debt capacity of the company. 2. How profitable are its operations? What are the trends in it? How has growth affected the profitability of the company? 3. What factors have contributed to the operating performance of Greaves Limited? What is the role of profitability margin, asset utilisation, and non-operating income? 4. How has Greaves performed in terms of return on equity? What is the contribution of return on investment, the way of the business has been financed over the period? 5. If the cost of capital is 8%, which of the 3 projects should the ABC Company accept?

1. Complete the attached “overhead cost distribution sheet” (Exhibit C). Note: Wherever possible, identify the overhead costs chared directly to the production and service departments. If such direct identification is not possible, distribute the costs on some “rational basis.

2. Calculate the overhead cost (per direct labour hour) for each of the four producing departments. This should include share of the service departments’ costs.

3. Do you agree with: a. The procedure adopted by the company for the distribution of overhead costs? b. The choice of the base for overhead absorption, i.e. labour-hour rate?

As a Statistician, advice what kind of Sampling schemes can we consider,

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