Finance Abstract Essay examples

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The first article I read was about retirement. The article reasserted a lot if not all the points we hit on during the semester. It basically covered three different areas of retirement that need to be looked at seriously. The first being social security, which most of us know is looking very dim as far as our generation is concerned. The second was benefit plans offered by employers. And last was the savings that people accumulate until their retirement. The article basically tried to set these three things up as the three legged retirement stool. As one might expect they pointed out that social security and employee benefits are weakening. So in order to keep ourselves propped up we must rely more on our savings to carry
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The second part of the article talked about how the author felt people were putting too much effort into trying to decide which stocks to pick to invest money in. He said basically you need to ask yourself only two questions. The first being: Is it a decent business? In other words how has it done in the past and will their product or service continue to attract costumers in the future. And the second question was: Is it reasonably priced? After asking yourself these two questions you can determine which stocks are ready for buying. This article was not hard to understand at all everything was laid out in an easily understandable format. The stock market has always been somewhat of a mystery to me however; even I could understand how he was trying to simplify it down into simply picking a business which was steadily inclining in worth. As well as so reasonably priced so as to still have some room to grow so that you could get some return on your money. All he talked about was cash return and price/cash flow which even a non-finance major could understand with ease. This article was relatively effective at getting its points across and there was nothing hard to understand about it.

The last article I read was about divorce issues including who gets the responsibility of paying off the debts that the couple has incurred over the years. The article also covered child support, alimony, tax

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