Final Project It 284 Handling Difficult Customers Essay

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Final Project IT 284 Handling Difficult Customers

Handling Difficult Customers

Vutha Dingman

Axia College of University of Phoenix

May 9, 2010

IT 284

Consumers are customers that are buyer’s influenced by their children, spouse, and other household members. Each consumer make decisions for certain products or the household may make the decisions together. Customer support really has to cater to wants and needs of the long time customers. Their loyalty can be forgiving if there is a mistake or they may be more likely to complain. Listed are some of the reasons why customers become difficult when communicating technical problems.

1. Wanting a live operator but ending up in an automated telephone loop.

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You don’t want to seem like you don’t know what you are doing, so acknowledge the individual customer emotion first. Then resolve the technical issue that you can handle and address bigger issues as a more multi-department activity.

Let your customers know that you are listening and you want to help. Write down notes during the conversation. When the customer is done venting, reiterate the priorities from the customer perspective. Address the emotional and technical aspects of the customer concerns. This will put you in focus on the appropriate issues and reassure the customer that you are concentrating on their priorities.


Our Country is made up of an increasing number of immigrants and transitional residents. These same immigrants were the founding Fathers of our Country. Maybe the caller is new to the English language and was put on hold for so long, or didn’t know to press a certain number for a Representative. Companies can take these complaints and adjust the systems to address the needs and accommodate multiple languages. Some companies have taken customer service to the next level and are hiring multilingual customer service providers. Having these systems set can prevent many of the listed complaints from being uttered again.

Mistaken customers

The customer is not always right, both sides know it, but they still are paying customers. Their wait time was less than a minute,

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