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Water Quality and Contamination
SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment

Water Quality and Contamination
In this experiment water quality and contamination of groundwater were investigated. First, I will observe the effects that many pollutants have on groundwater. I predict that in this experiment the oil and vinegar will create the largest quality of contamination to the water, while the laundry detergent will just create a bad smell to it. Considering the smells and thickness to these ingredients I think that it will cause the water quality to have a bad smell and cause the water to be very cloudy. Once filtering the contaminated water, the water will be clear and purified. Second, I
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Then, with two beakers I went back and forth between the two with the soil and the sand. Once the solution was created I placed the newly
WATER QUALITY 4 contaminated water into another beaker. Once I completed that I added 10 grams of alum to the contaminated water, stirred it slowly for 2 minutes and waited 15 minutes for results, then recorded them. Meanwhile, I continued to experiment by putting a piece of cheesecloth into a funnel and the funnel into a beaker. On top of the cheese cloth 20 mL of sand, then 20 mL of activated charcoal, then 40 mL of gravel was added. Tap water was then ran through the mixture and waited five minutes to filter and see results. A few drops of bleach were then added to the water to create the filtered water. Then the two results were compared. In the third experiment, tap water and bottled water were tested and compared to determine if there are health benefits in drinking bottled water. The materials used for this experiment were Dasani and Fiji bottled water, ammonia test strips, chloride test strips, 4-in-1 test strips, phosphate test strips, iron test strips, beakers, Para film, pipettes, and foil packets of reducing powder. First, all three types of water were placed into three separate beakers for further testing. The first test ammonia test strips were used, and then I recorded my results, this process continued with all the other testing strips for my final hypothesis.


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