Film Review : Precious By Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, And Oprah

754 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Over the last five weeks, I viewed several different films. However, one film gave me an emotional impact while watching. It is called "Precious" (2009) which fits in the drama section of films. This film directed by Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah. This film seems like a typical film but with one not knowing how some minority live their daily life this film would be atypical. This film comes off very aggressive and harsh.
The movie Precious is based off a young female teenager that lives in Brooklyn, New York, that father gets her pregnant for the second time. She only sixteen years old she cannot read or write on her grade level. She gets kicked out of school and sent to an alternative school. Not only is she underage getting raped by her father she has to deal with her mother abuse is verbal and physical. Her mother is unemployed and does everything she can so she can receive a welfare check. Mary, who is Precious mother, makes her daughter cook and clean while she sits home all day every day doing nothing but smoking cigarettes and watching games shows. Precious slowed changed her insight on life and learning while being at her new alternative school. She gets strong, encouraging words from her teacher Ms. Rain that works at Each One Teach One. Ms. Rain helps Precious understand showing love and seeing the right when apparently everything seems negative.
Based on this summary of this film I believe that editing was perfect. Mainly due to the fact sexual scenes…

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