Film Review : Dragon Age Inquisition Essay

1356 Words Mar 31st, 2016 null Page
Like many in Dragon Age series, as well as many games in the Bioware library, dragon age inquisition hereby known as DA: I is groundbreaking in some socially progressive ways. not much representation of characters that do not fit well into heteronormativity historically in video games while some games before it have approached the subject Dragon Age is one of the first to have not only sexuality specific love interests but also, and possibly more important, less stereotypical representations of characters that do not fall into the purely “straight” category. also one of the first to not use an androgynous character to try to claim both representation. While having non gender conforming character is important as the paper will talk about it has historically been used more as a cop-out to avoid an political backlash.
“Games in general should better reflect the complexities of our social reality without constantly ignoring those people that diverge from the dominant white, cisgender, heterosexual narrative for the sake of appeasing a vocal and crude minority of gamers.” These words are from one survey taker from the article “Video games are utterly failing trans gamers time we did something about it.” From femhype Dragon Age Inquisition has done that, well, kind of. Dragon age inquisition is the 3rd game the Dragon Age series by game developer Bioware. Bioware has been touted as one of the most progressive major game developers, which as far as the big names in the…

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