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Fiji Did you know that on the movie Grown Ups the movie with Adam Sandler when they are at the restaurant his son asks for a Voss or a Fiji water ? Fiji water is a fancy water from Fiji. This paper will discuss Fiji ; its main food components , delicacies , religion , and manufacturing. Fiji has many food components in their dishes here are a few of them . Coconut is used in kokodo and palusami . Fish is used in lovo , kokodo , and palusami . Rice is in madrasi masala dosa . Taro root and leaves are used in Rourou . Sweet potatoes , cassava , and breadfruit are some other components used in Fijian dishes.
Most of Fiji’s delicacies conclude of the components that are listed above . Lovo is a traditional delicacy, it is meat, fish, and
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Christian church is a place of Christian worship . Hindu temple is a place of Hindu worship . Muslim mosques are the place of worshipping . Last of the worshipping places is the Sikh temples . Almost 80% of Fijians are Christians . Hinduism has a strong influence on Fiji culture . Fijians are highly religious people . Each Fijian village is infused with culture . At sunrise every morning you awake to the sound of the lulu drum which is believed awaken the gods . The Fijians have very high architecture skills which are shown in their churches .
Fiji has quite a few manufacturing products I’ll name a few . They have everything from textiles to mineral water . If I’m going to name them all they would be , textiles , footwear , garments , pacific green furniture , sugar , tobacco , food processors , beverages including mineral water and Fiji water , wood , and pure Fiji .
In conclusion , Fiji has many interesting facts and cool culture . Fiji has lots of sweet and savory foods , if you would try them you would devour them . If you would ever take a visit to Fiji or go on a vacation whatever religion you are you will be accepted .This paper has discussed Fiji ; it’s food , religions , culture , and last manufacturing

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