Figurative Language Of Nature In William Shakespeare's Poetry

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Nature’s role in providing may be different in each person’s mind and in this case it is. Marlowe, Raleigh, and Williams all wrote poems having to do with nature and how it provides from gifts to absolutely nothing.

Marlowe used figurative language of imagery and irony to express his point on nature. Marlowe also expresses his knowledge on how nature can provide for humanity and other aspects as well.
In Marlowe’s poem, he delivers imagery to the audience by saying, “And I will make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant posies, A cap of flowers, and a kirtle Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;...”
Marlowe gives details of how the making of the “beds of roses” for his love by having nature to provide for him. He also shows that all
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Nature in his poem doesn’t sound anything like a provider. Raleigh’s poem shows how nature is nothing different than humanity itself. In other poems, unlike Raleigh’s, nature is considered a provider and is shown to provide many of the examples he has shown as bad.
To conclude, Raleigh viewed nature as an aspect in life that is precious to the human eye but isn’t long lasting.

William used figurative language of imagery and irony to express his point on nature. William also explains how nature doesn’t bring any peace to humans at all.
In William’s poem, he delivers imagery to the audience by saying, “Love itself a flower with roots in a parched ground. Empty pockets make empty heads. Cure it if you can …”
William gives details on how farmers of the country have empty pockets and empty heads, which means that if a person is a farmer then that particular person has no money which makes them have no education or knowledge. This example of imagery shows readers how Williams feels about the country and about the farmers that
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The second quote is showing the audience how Williams perspective is toward the country and nature. The year 1944 is important to this explanation because it should make readers think about what was going on during that time. Williams, during this time of 1944 isn’t in a very good place or setting while he is writing this poem. This year is in the middle of the World War II, which should mean and have to do with something of the mood and tone of this poem.
To conclude, Williams viewed nature as a non provider of peace to humanity.

The three poems all share something similar throughout each of them. This similarity is nature and how it is used to explain the author’s perspectives on it.
In Marlowe’s poem, he uses imagery by saying,“Melodious birds sing madrigals.”
Marlowe uses imagery to show the audience his perspective on what nature is and what it provides. To Marlowe, nature provides peace and quiet to those who need it. Nature also provides humans with birds to sing for calmness and relaxation as well. Marlowe also describes how beautiful and precious nature can be.
In Raleigh’s poem, he uses imagery by saying, “Thy belt of straw and ivy

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