Figueroa 's Framework And How It Has Affected My Perceptions And Participation Towards Basketball

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Figueroa’s Framework and how it has affected my perceptions and participation towards Basketball

“Everything that you achieve is the result of your personal effort and access to opportunities you have had.”(CAMBRIDGE, Step Forward, 2010). J Peter Figueroa is a Professor of Public Health and devised a tool to investigate the issues surrounding access, equity and equality in sport and physical activity. This tool is known as Figueroa’s Framework. Figueroa’s framework consists of five levels which are, individual, interpersonal, institutional, structural and cultural. The aim of this multi-modal presentation is to evaluate how the Individual, Interpersonal and Institutional levels of Figueroa’s Framework have affected my personal participation and perceptions towards basketball as a potential sporting pathway. I will be outlining what the Individual, Interpersonal and Institutional levels are, identifying what barriers or enablers exist at each level and the impact this has had on my participation in this sport, while determining specific strategies that could be used to increase my personal access to and enjoyment of basketball.

Figueroa’s framework has had a large impact on society and sports in general. This framework has allowed for individuals to know and have a better understanding of the different factors that reinforce, create, remove and eliminate barriers and inequities of participation in physical activity within our society. Figueroa’s Framework relates directly…

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