Fight Or Flight Response Essay

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It is a common human trait to fear the unknown, and with good reason. Often during our more early years as a species the unknown would lead to death. We have developed instincts as a species to avoid danger and survive at all costs. One of these features that has evolved with our species is called “Fight or Flight Response” in an article written by How Stuff Works, Julia Layton tells us that “When the hypothalamus tells the sympathetic nervous system to kick into gear, the overall effect is that the body speeds up, tenses up and becomes generally very alert”. This same response will initiate for various reasons and is a learned response. It has played pivotal roles in keeping us alive as a species for generations. When you’re faced with an unknown situations, especially when you have knowledge it can possibly be dangerous this system allows us to defend ourselves more ferociously or escape at a more rapid pace. This is not something a human being can call upon on demand. It is something that the brain with …show more content…
He takes it in great stride and understanding and if his story is factual his portrayal as a noble, educated, and misunderstood individual is both relatable and understandable. I empathize with this gentleman. It is not my point to undermine his or those like him and the struggle they face with this type of behavior. However it needs to be understood there are two victims. Both of circumstance beyond their control. One is the victim of emotional grief whereas the other, the one talked about in this essay is victim of physiological responses beyond their control. Anybody who exhibits the fight or flight response to a perceived threat is not concerned with the emotional implications of their behavior, at the end of the day they are content being

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