Fifth Amendment : The Fourth Amendment Essay

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Fifth Amendment The Fifth Amendment was introduced into the constitution by James Madison. The ideas in the Fifth Amendment can be traced back to the Magna Carta, which was issued in 1215. The fifth amendment was introduced as a part of the Bill of Rights into the United States constitution on September 5th, 1789 and was voted for by three fourths (3/4) of the states on December 15ht, 1791. Once the United States won their independence from the British parliament and monarchy that had acted like tyrants, the farmers of the United States constitution did not trust large, centralized governments. Because of this, the Frames who wrote the Bill of Rights, which were the first ten amendments, to help protect individual freedoms from being hurt by the government. Americans are innocent until proven guilty, everyone goes through the legal procedures, government has to pay to take people’s property, and one cannot be tried more than once for the same crime. Everyone should have a chance to speak their side of the story and how one feels about the certain situation. You shouldn’t be automatically guilty or automatically innocent. And, if it’s only fair that they pay you for your property, you had to pay to buy it so they should have to pay to buy it back because we all have equal rights. Everyone should have a chance to speak their side of the story and how they feel about the situation. The government cannot take away someone’s life, freedom, or property without following a…

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