Field Sanitation Essay

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The importance of Personal Hygiene and Field Sanitation

Staying Clean and conducting personal hygiene is a vital role in a Soldiers life. Soldiers may spend weeks in an environment where proper facailities are not established and it is vital that one stay clean to prevent illness because military units are unable to carry out their missions when the soldiers are weakened by disease. In all US conflicts three times as many soldiers have been lost to illnesses/diseases rather than battle wounds. The most common injuries that soldiers may face are heat, cold injuries and communicable diseases. Personal Hygeine and cleanliness are an extremley important role in a soldiers life and it is important to know when one is getting sick and
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There are several contributing factors to cold injuries such as discipline, training and experience, poor nutrition and proper clothing. Some soldiers are better trained than others to deal with the cold. Taking care of the feet is also essential to preventing injury. A healthy diet with the right nutrients is also important in be able to function in cold weather. It is important to stay mentally strong as well during cold weather and physically active. It has been shown that negativity upon one can result to cold injury faster. One should be changing socks regularly to avoid trench foot and frostbite on the toes. Trench foot is very common for people who dont change socks regularyly. To prevent such injury it is important to wear or carry the adequete colthing needed for the environment intended to be in. Remove excess clothing when near heat or sleeping. Also try to dry damp socks out before wearing them again. While in the field/or deployed soldiers have increased vulnerability to disease and non battle injury because of the environment, changes in the bodies natrual defense, breakdowns in sanitation and little to no hygeine facilities. Soldiers may travel into areas that are mosquito infested jungles, sandfly villages or dusy and cold environments which are all harsh on the body. Now deploying a soldier half way across the world can throw a bodies immune

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