Essay on Fibre Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement Bar

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ABSTRACT: In this paper we are going see about the new technology of reinforcement that is FRP (Fiber reinforced polymers) rebars and its all characteristics. Such as its high strength, lightweight characteristic, creep characteristic, resistant to environmental factor like corrosion effect, fire performance, features and benefits, application, its materials and manufacturing, codes and specification, status and its barriers.



Reinforced concrete is a common building material for the construction of facilities and structures. While concrete has a high compressive strength, it has a very limited tensile
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Properly designed and formulated composites can offer fire performance approaching that of most metals

The Need

Reinforced Concrete is a very common building material for the construction of facilities and structures. As complement to concrete's very limited tensile strength, steel rebar has been an effective and cost-efficient reinforcement. However, insufficient concrete cover, poor design or workmanship, and presence of large amounts of aggressive agents including environmental factors all can lead to cracking of the concrete and corrosion of the steel rebar. For instance, in the USA, almost 40% of bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, and the percentage is increasing, according to the Federal Highway Administration (Griffith 2000) For many years, there have been many studies on this corrosion issue, and the interest in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) has arisen recently as prospective substitute for steel. Careful consideration on potential of FRP rebars to fill the cost and performance needs may suggest appropriate solutions.

The Recent Technology, composite materials made of fibers embedded in a polymeric resin, also known as fiber-reinforced polymers, have become an alternative to steel reinforcement for concrete structures. Aramid fiber reinforced polymer (AFRP), carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), and glass

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