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International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research
ISSN 2351-8014 Vol. 2 No. 2 Jun. 2014, pp. 313-320
© 2014 Innovative Space of Scientific Research Journals Influence Factors of Online Shopping
Binbin He and Christian Bach
Department of Technology Management,
University of Bridgeport,
Bridgeport, CT 06604, USA

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ABSTRACT: Perceived risk, Shopping motivations, Experience, Service quality and Trust are five important factors to improve
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Shopping motivations are based on benefits and sacrifice [6]. I will to research the shopping motivations form two ways: dimensionalities and psychometrics. It is helpful for us to research the shopping motivations.
The third factor is Experience. The website of online shopping want to seek an easy way to use it [7]. If the online shopping companies can provide a better shopping experience, low-involvement products will be more successful [8].
Customers will like an easy and beautiful website. If they want to buy a product from online companies, they need a fast and safe way to buy products. It is hard to build a successful website; and online shopping stores need to think about how to solve some problems by customers’ side.
The fourth factor is service quality. Many customers thought the service quality was too terrible [9]. Customer service quality is defined in global judgment, it has a superiority [10]. Service quality is hard to evaluate, it is more difficult than goods quality [11]. Some stores often ignore the service quality. It is as important as products quality, every customer needs a good product quality but they also need good service quality from online shopping stores. It is a big problem to online shopping stores because if people cannot provide good service quality, no one will buy their products, even though they have the best goods.
The last factor is trust. Trust in

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