Essay on Fetal Development Starts With The Process Of Fertilization

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Kiani Gallegos Fertilization
Fetal development starts with the process of fertilization. It starts when the female ovulates producing an egg. This egg then travels into the tube where the eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus where it waits to be fertilized. When the sperm is inside the body it makes its way up to the uterus to make their way up to the egg. When the sperm makes it to the egg, it will be the only one that can get in. Once the egg makes its way in they find a way to fuse with the uterus. Now the egg has all the genetics it needs to make a human being. The egg, now being called blastocyst, begins to move to the uterus. The time this is measured by is usually from the last menstrual period. They are also in trimesters. After about thirty hours or so, the cell divides. After a few days it is divided into about eight cells. Four days after that, it is inside the uterus and finds a place to land to attach itself to the endometrium. The cell begins to grow and develop and by the 12th day it has almost two thousand cells.
Embryonic Development
After about three weeks, the heart has developed and begins to pump blood. The blastocyst then becomes and embryo.There are three layers that create the embryo, these layers are called the gem or cell layers. The outer cell will eventually become the backbone. The middle layer is the lower layer of skin. Blood cells and the heart muscles make a "primitive bloodstream (Nilsson. 1990, p.77)." The sex, organs and…

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