Causes Of Racism In Ferguson Police Department

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An unrest between the Ferguson police department and the colored people in Ferguson has been growing for years. Research has shown that racially bias acts have been committed by policemen for some time now. But it wasn 't until the killing of Micheal brown that the racist behavior of Ferguson police came into the light. Darren Wilson may have been let off the hook but new evidence proving other cops in the Ferguson department being blatantly racist and letting it effect their job as the law. Now the question everyone is thinking is, how can we fix the Ferguson police department. With policemen leaving the department or being fired the fix seems to be to just get rid of all the racist police. But is just getting rid of the bad apples enough? …show more content…
Nobody wants unfair treatment and no body wants anymore looting and violence. Violence and brutal behavior from the police and protesters are caused by few, most want to stop all of this and find a way to improve. The people of Ferguson want to see change in the police station so that they don 't have to live in fear that they will be unjustly attacked or accused. And the police department wants to feel like they help the community and that they are respected. Both sides want to move forward and progress past the racists comments to find a comfortable even ground. It may in fact be a good idea to get rid of some of the policemen who have been found to be truly racist and let it effect their job. One has already been fired over uncovered emails and two more have resigned. But that can 't be all the action taken to make sure that history doesn 't repeat …show more content…
The people deserve to feel safe but so does the police officers. Even armed citizens have been able to harm police officers, like the event on march 11th 2015 where two officers were shot down during a peaceful protest. When police officers are being shot for merely being police officers there is something wrong with the community. The police department are the upholders of the law and are here to defend and protect. The police department needs to get rid of the bad cops that have made poor decisions with the way they work. The department needs to focus on changing all wrong doing behavior and focus on what matters, protecting the people and upholding the law. Once those changes have been made it will be up to the public to let go of their anger and unrest and see their policemen and protects rather then

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