Feminist Research Paper Hillary Clinton

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Emily Jimenez Professor Magers Eng 160 WP4 Nov 23, 2016
A feminist can be defined as a person who supports feminism. Feminism is a range of political movement, ideologies and social movement that share the common objective of characterizing, building up and accomplishing political, financial, individual and social right for the women (Hawkesworth 12). Hillary Clinton, a Democrat presidential candidate in the United States of America, can be regarded as a feminist due to her act of defending women rights. However, her concerns for the entire nation of the United States, as reflected by her policies not only for women alone but also for the general population might deem her just like another political figure but not feminist. The purpose of this paper is examining
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She also called them names like ‘whores and sluts’ for the daring of the victims to be raped. The claims from other concern people such as the Ivan Duda, who was the private investigator putting in the light that Clinton is ordering for the provision of the personal information of the victims to clear the scandals of this case and take it into control can clearly show that she acts with partiality against women towards personal interests. (Twohay.1) Direct claims from the sexually assaulted victims such as from Kathleen Willey, who was allegedly assaulted in 1993 accused Hillary and her detectives for issuing the threats to her and the entire family and further going ahead killing her pet. Another victim named Juanita Broaddrick sexually assaulted in 1978 also issued the same claims of accusation towards Hillary of issuing threats to her to protect the husband and gain her sympathy votes in the public domain for her political

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