Feminist Literary Criticism : Glaspell 's Trifles Essay

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Feminist Literary Criticism: Glaspell’s Trifles The societal bone of contention that ushers feminism criticism revolves around perceptions about feminine gender, especially from a patriarchal setup. Most feminist seek for answers towards exploring why most societies have progressively classified women within subordination continuums. Therefore, Trifles highlights different perspectives on how the female identity has remained within the set societal deities with man as the dominating gender (Glaspell 1391-1401). The plight of the feminine gender stands as adequately conveyed in Trifles; one can easily identify the stereotyped approach towards this concern. Susan Glaspell’s dramatic masterpiece overtly exhibits a situation where a woman remains judged from patriarchal contexts. Threading the feminine aspect, a woman’s concerns happens to endure and receive peripheral form of treatment that mounts from former gender misconceptions. (McClure) Trifles covers a woman facing accusations for the murder of her husband; a victim of society misappropriation. The fact that she happened to be present within a crime spot makes her the first suspect without an appeal. This escalates to worse when she requests for Mrs. Peters, the Sheriff’s wife, to fetch some of her belongings. Notably, these bring about some trifles between Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters as they begin to discover clues that suggest a connection of the wife to the homicide of John Wright (Glaspell 1391-1401). Foremost, the…

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