Feminism, The Root Of All Evil, By Emma Watson, And Sojourner Truth

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Modern contemporary feminism is based on the belief that men are the “root of all evil”, which is a misrepresentation of what feminism actually is. Feminism litany is equality for both genders, and strives to eliminate the gender gap. However, through the speeches on equality by Emma Watson, and Sojourner Truth. This article will dig deep to the heart of what feminism truly is, contrary to what contemporary feminism is; a hate movement towards men. What is Feminism? Feminism in the Merriam-Webber dictionary states that it is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”. Historically, feminism first came to play in roughly the 1850’s, being known as women 's suffrage groups. It wasn’t until after WW1 in 1919 that woman earned the right to vote, but it only applied to women who had attained a militaristic job during the Great War. However, with this, woman refused to stay on the dark side of political life any longer, and won the vote January 1st, 1919. Furthermore, with the vote feminism became popularized in the struggle to break the gender gap. Women 's temperance movements also occurred again the 1960s, where woman fought for further individual freedoms, focusing on workplace inequality, through the denunciation of higher jobs and salaries. Betty Friedan, a well know feminist activist decided to establish an association that would battle against gender discrimination, and believed that women should contribute to society on a political…

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