Essay on Feminism : The First Wave Of Feminism

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Three Waves of Feminism Feminism is women’s rights to have an equal standings to that of men. Women have had little to no rights when compared to men in the past due to there gender. It was not till the last hundred years women have sought to stand on equal ground to men when it comes to rights and laws. The right to vote, equal pay, political setting in government offices, and some basic human rights. This is concerning the women in the United States of America and not necessarily the rights of women around the world. Because the culture climate is changing in the US it does not mean it’s happening across the globe, for some customs around the world have not changed and some don’t want change to happen for many different reasons. The first wave of feminism was really headed by Molly Brown, Molly was the unassigned leader of the first wave. Molly had shown up of the public radar when she not only survived the tragic sinking of the Titanic, but also wanting to turn around to help save more people that were unfortunately left behind. Molly Brown had gotten married and had a child but she and her husband were in financial trouble. During this time she helped other miner families in the community while also assisting in the local school. After some years Mr. Brown started to get higher in the company after some time they had moved to Denver. Molly had invested herself in the Denver’s Women Club and assisting in the local schools raising money for both. After the Titanic…

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