Minority Women In American Society

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The first and second women 's movement created the society we have today. The American society is a more conducive environment for women to run for office. Women were not able to break the highest glass ceiling because of women. Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway and Phyllis Schlafly are notorious for maintaining the status quo.
Kellan Conway is a villain because she ruined the closest chance in American history to elect a female president. At the start of Hillary Clinton 's election, most people felt like her campaign was a coronation ceremony. She was the most qualified Politician to run for president in 2016. She was known as a political veteran because she had been battle test as former secretary of state. Her opponent Donald trump seemed unelectable
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Black women had to endure slavery. They had to deal with legal racism such as segregation. The Native American population is still being treated as second class citizens. It is evident in the controversial North Dakota access pipeline issue. Asians appear on a few occasions in the media. Today, there is a record breaking number of minority woman are in the senate. The number is 4 minority women. (CBS News 2016) At this rate, it is close to impossible to visualize a minority woman as president. Feminism sprung out in America every time the race issue begun to be the political heated topic. Before Elizabeth met in Seneca Falls, the most prominent feminist was Sojourner Truth. She argued that she is not a woman because she did the backbreaking workmen did when she was a slave (Hooks). The political uproar of the slavery abolitionist movement gave birth to the women 's movement because it was at an antislavery convention that Elizabeth decided to fight for women. The second feminist movement was inspired by the black race fight for equality in the civil right movement (Untold Women Who Changed the World | The Great Feminist Movement). Key figures like Martin Luther King and Rosa Park became famous before the feminist. Feminine mystique was released in 1963. 1963, President Kennedy gave a detailed speech about women‘s inequality and the federal government passed the equal pay act. The next year 1964, the civil right acts passed. Elevated rights of minorities make more rights accessible to women of all races and vice versa. A clear example would be suffrage granted to black men first before all women got the right to vote. Another moment would be the equal pay act granted before the civil right

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