Essay on Feminism : For And Against

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Feminism: For and Against

Every second of everyday people make choices, they decide if they are for something or against it. Most decide to keep it to themselves but the ones who decide to voice their opinion are the ones who are persecuted the most. Feminism is a touchy subject to most people; generally males find it obsolete and women find it valuable to keep alive. There are a handful of males who are in favor of feminism and a good portion of women who are against feminism. There are different types of feminism such as the over the top all males shall die and the equal rights, equal pay. Those who are opposed to expressing feminism commonly believe it is out of date and that women are already treated equally; but those who are for expressing feminism spot the differences that can be hard to recognize to someone who isn’t looking. Through the years feminism has been stereotyped as a female’s belief, but it has become more common for males to support this belief of women being put under men in social and economic settings. Although some men only use it as a strategy to get the girls there are a handful that truly believe in feminism. Males who support feminism see the differences between pay and treatment of women in their own place of work. Those who oppose feminism are often categorized as males, but it’s not that uncommon to find a female against feminism. Not all women believe that they are being treated less than their male coworkers. Some women don’t…

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