Feminism And The United States Essay

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It isn 't uncommon where, immigrants worldwide risk their safety attempting to enter the United States; they come searching for opportunities that were unavailable in their own country. Men who leave their families hoping to start a new life, or perhaps a woman bringing her children to avoid the incessant oppression and dehumanization that she and her daughter endure everyday for being female. But how soul wrenching to put your own life in danger to travel to a foreign land where nothing is promised. They enter the United States to find America is equality deficient. Women in America live in the shadow of their male counterparts both financially and socially. Fortunately where there’s a will, there is a way. Feminism is the belief or ideology that women and men are equal, and deserve to be treated as such.

Those opposing feminism, search for excuses and scapegoats to make their ideals seem more humanistic. Their excuses are created in order to give the illusion feminism portrays women to be more power than they should. Their excuses challenge the very foundation of what it means to be equal in this country. The belief that feminism limits the opportunities of men is absurd. As well as the argument, that the problems involving a woman’s wage are strictly based on position. Along with the conviction that all of the gender issues are political, rather that a mixture of being political and social.

A sufficient amount of anti-feminists feel as though feminism as a whole is…

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