Essay about Feminism And Its Impact On Society

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What is feminism? Well first off it is commonly thought as the belief that women are better than men. The Merriam webster dictionary states defines feminism as “belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”. During the modern day, feminism holds a socially constructed definition which has a negative connotation. Feminism is still necessary because to this day we still see gender discrimination throughout the lives of everyone due to how feminism has been socially constructed and developed over time into our society. For example in class we talked about what it means to be a feminist in our eyes and asked ourselves if it was was still needed. We came to the conclusion that it was definitely still necessary. To this day we see women being payed less for the same amount work as men and lastly it is not a gender issues but instead it is a humanitys issue that the world needs to fix. It is important to look as the bigger issue of why feminism is still necessary which is the way that it is socially constructed. Throughout our lives we see gender discrimination, however sometimes it is hard to see and acknowledge it. The fact that there is still gender discrimination proves the point that feminism is still necessary. From early as first and second grade women are turned away from studying maths and sciences. During one of our lectures for women gender studies class a women scientist came in and talked about the discrimination that women face in the…

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