Female Characters Of The Odyssey Essay

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Homer described the female characters in The Odyssey differently compare to other epic poems. Before, the society were dominant by male and female’s roles were basically limited to only childbirth and household duties. The idea of the woman cannot accomplish anything without the help of man is common. Female characters in The Odyssey is rather distinctive. Female characters in The Odyssey are strong, influential and smart. In The Odyssey, women has the qualities that cannot be found on men. Men cannot accomplish his goal without the help of woman. For example, without the help and support from the female characters in The Odyssey, Odysseus would never have been able to make it back to Ithaca.

The role of the goddess is rather demanding in The Odyssey. The daughter of Zeus, Athena, provided tremendous amount of help for Odysseus. The gods in The Odyssey have emotions; they have feelings like mortals do. Athena as the god of wisdom and war, held the power to inspire individuals and lead them to make the right decision. She felt sympathy for what Odysseus had gone through as a warrior, and so decided to help him throughout his journey back home. She lent a hand not only to Odysseus alone but also his family members. She inspired Odysseus’s son, Telemachus: As for you, I will give you some good advice, if you will listen: Fit out ship with twenty oarsmen, the best you can find. Go and find out about your father who has long been away, if some mortal will tell you.…

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