Powerful Women In The Odyssey

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Women are nothing but sexual objects to hurt and mess around with when a man feels the need.Therefore, they are not important at least that is how they are viewed in Homer’s novel The Odyssey. Women within this novel are judged mainly on outer appearance consequently the only way a woman could be seen as beautiful was if an individual of a higher power had powerful inner feelings for her. What is seen within the sexist upbringing of this is that the audience only reads about affairs, powerful sons and death.Nothing about what these talented individual women succeeded within their boastful lives. Odysseus shows how an individual woman could potentially “boast a god for a lover”(193). Showing how vile woman unfeignedly are and how frequently they are seen as only sexual objects. Many Women are known primarily for what their husbands or sons have accomplished.Homer clearly made it shown that Ariadne's life is vile because she did not give Theseus pleasure.Along with many men in …show more content…
Men sensing women because they find arousal in viewing women as objects they consequently crave to touch them along with take advantage of them. Harshly viewed as birth giver,peasants who have to obey any commandment given to them such as cutting off one breast to be able to shoot a bow and leaving the other breast to breast feed. They are not sensitised gradually not seen as anything more but an object. Distressing the fact that they are unworthy of being anything more. Agammenon goes to meet Odysseus in the underworld Agammenon uses Women as a scapegoat during conversation he says,“That women, plotting a thing so low, defiled herself and all her sex, all women yet to come even those few who may be virtuous” . He tells Odysseus that “The day of faithful wives is forever gone.”.Which furthermore takes Odysseus away from Penelope and during his trip home he goes to bed with two women there

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