Female Characters In Maugham's Creatures Of Circumstance.

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The last book Maugham wrote was his short story collection Creatures of Circumstance. This research report analyzes his last collection of short stories as the primary text to approach his point of view about female characters through the theory of Feminism. The research aims to elaborate Maugham’s female characters are not portray as tyrant and promiscuous rather presented as victims in collection of short stories, Creatures of Circumstances. It intends to prove that negative image of female characters is a part of that victimization.
The keen study of his short stories has explored the evident fact in the stories, the female characters are close to reality and he has given concrete image of the status, women have in modern society. The
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The research report will identify the subjugation of women and the points where writer allows his female characters to step out from oppression. The key terms such as “gender binary”, “Androcentric Culture” (Gilman 1), and “Sexism” (Kurian 59) are helpful to explore the primary text. Furthermore her negative image is composed by co-effort of man and society in order to keep woman oppressed. The following research questions will help to approach the assumed conclusion systematically.
What characteristics of a woman are portrayed by Maugham; being a male author?
What is impact of Maugham’s homosexuality on his female characters?
What ways modern society has adopt to subjugate women in the short stories of Maugham?
Are the female characters of Maugham playing stereotypical role which is prescribed by men or living self-constructed life?
Are the women in the stories capable of preserving their individuality or are they influenced by the pressures of society?
Are “militant male” (Beauvoir 5), subordinating woman for his service or she has every opportunity to live
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Are the male using women characters for economic and social benefits, how this factor works as objectification of women?
Does the aggression of women lead them to a better life or it can only satisfy their rage against men and society?
Are the women portrayed as “the other” (Beauvoir 8) by male characters of short stories?
This research report is divided into four chapters. This division is made to make information and research an organized piece of work. First chapter contains basic information regarding the writer, and throws light on the basic view of applied theory. Second chapter is the Literature Review; in this chapter Maugham’s literary efforts are analyzed through the critics’ comments. In this chapter the research gap is explained. To illustrate the importance of research gap, the critical works in the particular area are mentioned. Third chapter is Research Methodology, which explains the research type, primary text and secondary texts. In this chapter limitations are explained which were faced during the research. Chapter four is discussion and analysis on the chosen text in the light of feminist theory. This chapter base on the discussion of primary text in the light of theory. All these divisions are according to the requirement of this research

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