Female And Female Police Officers Essay

1796 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Have your parents told you that they have high expectation on your life because you are a boy? Do they hope you can marry with a good husband who loves you if you are a girl? Before we are born, genes help people to select the gender and people cannot have a chance to decide our sex. Also, people decide to separate the roles between man and women. Roles can help people to find the right positions that people can work with their own abilities. For example, the male police officers can protect people and create safety and the female police officer can give the advice to people when they see people start a conflict. The male and women teachers have their way to teach knowledge and help their students to develop their brain and students can have new ideas and they will bring a change in the future. The entrepreneurs investment money into the business and create more jobs opportunities. In the book “Rereading America”, there are several articles mention that men and women have differents positions. Men need to go to work and women stay at home and do housework. In fact, the myth of gender is false and harmful for Americans to believe. The myth gives a wrong message to Americans that women’s position is inferior and most of the women need to dependent on men. Overall, all people should stay into the same position whether they are males or females.
Some people may argue that women do not have abilities as men base on the physical structure. Most of the time, a man looks…

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