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Business Proposal for Al Bustan Retail Facility (ARF) Prepared By: Dr. Munir Hourani Introduction Al Bustan Retail Facility (ARF) Business Proposal will define broad city-wide goals for sustainable development into focused, actionable, area-specific strategies to ensure the vitality of the central area of Abu Dhabi city and enable us to achieve our community vision Abu Dhabi 2030. The planning process will place an emphasis on ways to promote and improve mixed uses and quality future

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Retail Feasibility Analysis

A retail market analysis will help to determine strengths, gaps and opportunities for retail development and retention of ARF. Bearing in mind the following feasibility understanding:

* Abu Dhabi downtown is home to one of the most dynamic small downtowns in the UAE. ARF is one of the centerpiece of the community from a retail, dining, and entertainment perspective and widely regarded as one of the most successful mixed-use area. The ARF vicinity provides a variety of office, residential, cultural, retail, and institutional uses and is the undisputed center of new Abu Dhabi.
* Over the past several years, the retail climate in Abu Dhabi has evolved. Major retail developments, traditional retail competitors and malls have added worthy competitors to downtown Abu Dhabi.
* Retail business has benefitted from the climate dominating Abu Dhabi island ( humid and hot ) most of the years round, to create the culture of shopping and entertaining in indoor areas.
* Downtown Abu Dhabi is now at a crossroads of development. The community has enjoyed marked success since the boom of 1990s and does not wish to rest on those accomplishments. The recent recession has “complicated” the market forces at work in the country, resulting in store closures, reduced profits, and traditional retail churn. In Abu Dhabi all of this is happening at the same time that retail and dining destinations have expanded out of the traditional
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