Feasibility Plan Essay

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Junk King

Executive Summary

In 2005, Mike Andreacchi and Brian Reardon recognized that there were customers looking for dependable junk hauling service to clear clutter and unwanted items from homes and business. This acknowledgement inspired them to establish Junk King that specializes in providing junk removal and hauling services to all types of customers, ranging from homeowners to retailers.
Junk King’s franchise model is adaptable for those from different career field who seek to be an entrepreneur, and to have higher financial income. Experience in waste collection is not required to establish a franchise as Junk King will provide proper training before the establishment of your own franchise. In addition, a support line is
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* Market Size
Currently, Junk King has awarded 27 new franchises, representing 42 units including a Master License in the United States. They have covered an area populating around 500,000 people. These include the following states: California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. However, none of Junk King Franchise has come to Seattle or Washington area. In the city of Seattle Alone, there are currently around 270,000 households.

* Target Market
Because the nature of business is junk collection, this broadens the target market to a wide range of possible customers. Essentially, everyone who wants a service in waste disposal or junk removal could be a customer for Junk King. Junk King offers service to homes and businesses that have loads of junks they no longer needed. In addition, because Junk King acts as a middle-man—between junk owners and recycling vendors—the recycling vendors are also another target market. This is where the company would establish another flow of revenue.

* Competitors
Looking to the trends and the market size of waste management industry in the United States, Junk King seems to have a really profitable prospective to be succeed in Seattle area. However, Junk King has to face with privately-owned solid waste management companies. Junk King needs to differentiate its products and

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