Fear : Fear And Fear Essays

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Everyone has a fear. When we were little, we were afraid of the monsters that lived under our beds; however, when one grows up fear always tends to get in the way. Fear is this adrenaline that runs through ones body not knowing what to do next. People can act upon fear in two ways; run from it or face it. Fear can eventually turn into a phobia. Depending on how progressive your fear is, making one panic, by just seeing someone or hearing about someone who is in an incident that one could be afraid of (McGill, 2015). Fear is an anxiety of what might happen; fear is caused by the unknown, the dramatic events that have occurred in our lives, and from experiences that have changed one 's life.
When describing fear there are always the basics; being afraid of heights, the dark, or spiders; however, fear can go beyond that in many ways. In the documentary, A Virus Called
Fear, Christine Dargon, explained that "we are born with the ability to fear something it is our survival mechanism" (Fama & Wilkerson, 2012 ). We use these fears to grow and move on to face life changing events. For example, our survival fears, meaning the fear to be able to stay alive. Christine Dargon also mentioned, that the fears that we have faced along the way are what is being built inside us to have a natural reaction when something would occur like a robbery or kidnapping. One would need to have that natural reaction to be fully alert to be on guard during a survival threat (Fama &…

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