Fear Explanation Of Social Learning Theory

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1. Social learning theory
a. Social learning theory explanation:
i. According to Berger (2015), Social learning theory is the behaviorism that emphasizes the influence that other people have over a person’s behavior. The individuals learn without an enforcement. The individual learns through observation and imitation of other people. This theory is also called observational learning. Children model their behavior from their parents, peers, and famous people. Social learning occurs through modeling in which the child copies what they see on other people they admire. However, there are some children that do the opposite of what a role model is doing. For example, a role model would be parents, aunts, uncles, and etc.…
b. Description of observation:
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a. Fear explanation:
i. Fear is the behavior of a person when is in a situation or with a person for the first time; the behavior is noticed about 9 months and soon becomes more obvious (Berger, 2015). There are two types of fear, identify in the book. The first one is separation anxiety means that the infant cries and cling when the caregiver is about to leave (Berger, 2015). The second one is Stranger Wariness which means that the infant is fear of strange people. According to the book, separation anxiety starts at age 1 and gets stronger at age 2. There are some infants that used item or even their parents as a shield.
b. Description of the observation:
i. During the observation on “Baby Day,” I noticed that Benjamin (24 months) was fear of the situation he was in during “Baby Day.” Benjamin arrived after all the students from the class arrived. His parents sat in the chairs and they were trying to convince Benjamin to play with Loui and Charlotte. Benjamin started to cry when his mom tried to remove Benjamin from his father 's arms. When Benjamin’s father insisted for him to go play, Benjamin got mad and hug his dad more. When the father left the classroom, Benjamin went with his mother. Benjamin place his head on his mom chest. There was a classmate beside her mom and when she tried to talk to Benjamin, he ignores the classmate, and with fear he hugs his
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Gross motor skills
a. Gross motor skills explanation:
i. According to Berger, gross motor skills is the ability to move the big muscles that are part of your body. The word motor means big. An example of motor skills will be a child walking because is using his/her legs. This skill comes from the reflexes and proceed from head-down called cephalocaudal and center-out called proximodistal. By 3 months, babies sit propped and by 6 months sit without the help of another person. The book illustrates 3 elements: muscle strength, brain maturation and practice.
b. Description of the observation:
i. Loui he is 22 months and was present for the “Baby Day.” During that day, I noticed that Loui walked to the carpet using his legs and arms. Also, Loui used his right leg to kick a roll that was filled with bells. By Loui kicking the roll, he was with one foot in the floor and the other one was in the air. Furthermore, he has developed the skills of balance because he didn’t felt down while using his gross motor

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