Fear And Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller has become a popular dramatist because of her beautiful work, The Crucible. Before writing this play, he attended the University of Michigan to study journalism and playwriting. In the book The Crucible, which was written by Arthur Miller, there is a great fear and hysteria in Salem. The fear in Salem has everything to do with witchcraft. Women are frightful that they will be accused of witchcraft and men are afraid that their wives will be charged with witchcraft. The puritans believed that the Devil was an agent of evil in everyday life and they were convinced that the Devil was responsible for all hardships they encountered. Puritans thought that women were weak to the influences of the devil and that they were tempted much easier. They believed that some women were completely lost to God and had turned to witchcraft to serve the devil. Hard work and church consume the everyday work of the people in Salem. The government of Salem is …show more content…
These attributes put many of the good and positive characters in a state of humiliation. The most critical virtue of all the characters is the envious attitude of Abigail. Her mindset brings great misfortune to Salem. The story reminds us that man is not perfect, and that we can make mistakes. However, even when we do make these errors, we can better ourselves by making what is wrong right. The Crucible shows how people can truly change and understand what they have done wrong. In Edward Murray’s passage, he exhibits Hale changing to be a better man from beginning of the play to the end. Hale utters “Life is God’s most precious gift; no principle… may justify the taking of it.” Edward Murray is essentially explaining how Hale has gone back to being on the side of the Church. Arthur Miller depicts the good people in Salem and the bad people in Salem. He displays how people should be in life if they want to live a good life and be good to

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