Fdr-Vietnam War Essay

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1. Alfred Smith was attacked/smeared in the 1928 election because of religious differences (Catholic) and the prosperity of the ‘20s the Republicans took credit of. 2. Stock prices first began to decline in 1929 because less people bought stocks and there was overproduction. 3. Before FDR, when a bank failed, bank depositors were forced to close due to bankruptcy. 4. Economist believed the main reason for the Great Depression was overproduction, low wages, and high tariffs. 5. FDR’s first goal in fighting the Great Depression was to get people working again. 6. FDR’s method of trying to regulate the stock market was the Securities Act that required companies that sold stocks to provide full information for investors. …show more content…
22. Recruiting women into the US military in WWII meant there would be more workers. 23. The purpose of the Allies’ fake army in Britain during WWII was so the actual army would not easily be detected by the Germans. 24. The Americans attack Iwo Jima hoping to shorten the war. 25. The cause of massive Tokyo fires in WWII was a lot of fire bombing. 26. The US military’s main supplier in WWII were the Allies 27. In the Bataan Death March, 28,000 POW were forced to march 65 miles to Jap prison camps. Thousands died during the trek. 28. Knowing the Japanese’s plan helped the Americans win at Midway. 29. Hitler’s attack on Stalingrad was to control the city, controlling rivers and major railways. 30. The Bracero program was to invite Mexican agricultural workers to work the fields. 31. The Supreme Court decided on the Korematsu v. the US case not based on race but on “military urgency”. 32. After Rosa Parks was arrested, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was organized. 33. CORE used sit-ins to integrate previously white only restaurants. 34. Dr. MLK got his nonviolence protest techniques from Mahatma Gandhi 35. Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus tried to prevent African American students from entering the Little Rock High School by having the whites abuse the blacks.

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