Flooring Vs Carpeting Essay

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Hardwood Flooring vs Carpet

The age old question about flooring remains just as valid today as it was in the past: Hardwood or Carpeting? And the answer to that question also remains the same today as in the past: It is a matter of your personal style, taste, and budget. But, even with that answer there are some important features of both flooring styles that you might want to consider when remodeling or upgrading your floors.


1. Favorable Features:
Hardwood floors have an elegance, prestige, and natural beauty. You have a choice of wood, colors, and layout designs that will add a luxurious, open area appearance to your rooms. While it may be an optical illusion, but rooms with hardwood flooring appear larger in size
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Favorable Features:
Carpeting is more versatile than hardwood flooring. There is an endless selection of materials, patterns, colors, and padding that will compliment or accent your room’s décor. Carpeting does not have to be wall-to-wall. You can use carpeting as area rugs under heavy furniture or as a central focus in a large room. Carpets project an atmosphere of calm, comfort, and relaxation.

Carpets are more comfortable to walk on than hardwood flooring, and they are easier on your feet and ankles if you need to stand for long periods of time. Carpets used on upper level rooms will reduce the amount of noise sent through the floors to rooms on a lower level. The fabric will also help to insulate your rooms and to keep your rooms warmer during colder weather.

Safety is another advantage of carpets. The softer surface, it will stabilize your furniture and prevent the pieces from movement. Because of the cushioned material, there is less opportunities for objects to break if dropped on the floor. Carpets are excellent surfaces for young children to play on because there is less chances of scraped knees or bruises if they fall down. Carpets are also adult friendly if someone trips or

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