Essay on Favor And Keep The Death Penalty

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The viewpoint I was given for the debate was to favor and keep the death penalty. This was both a difficult and straining task to complete, due to there being very limited information, statistics and proven facts that advocated for the death penalty. Most of the arguments in support of the death penalty, rested on moral beliefs which conflicted with my personal point of view, such as the principle, "an eye for an eye" otherwise known as the law of retaliation.
In my opinion, sentencing someone to death is morally wrong because it denies the defendants awaiting their death sentence, their right to life which is guaranteed in the Universal Declarations of Human Rights. Depriving someone of their life is irrevocable and an ultimate form of punishment, in which no redemption can be sought. In addition, the death penalty is more evident among people of color and the poor who have limited access to legal resources and an adequate lawyer who will advocate on their behalf.
Evidence of the death penalty disproportionately impacting people of color is apparent in Furman v Georgia 408 U.S. 238, (1972). Before addressing the prevalence of the death penalty among minorities and poor people, it was determined by the U.S. Supreme Court that “a penalty must be proportional to the crime; otherwise, the punishment violates the Eighth Amendment 's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments” (Legal Institution Institute, “Death Penalty”). For those pro-death penalty, the proportional…

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