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Someone might ask, who or what is a father. Google defines “Father” as a man in a relation to his natural child or children. But sometimes, Google doesn’t have everything. Sometimes, the internet can not truly define the meaning behind certain words. Sometimes, the internet can not truly show the feelings behind certain words. You see, many people in this era depends on the internet to define difficult words such as obnoxious, vex, zephyr, exasperate. But sometimes, people looks up for the definition of simple words on the internet, such as love, joy, happiness… father. Why do people look up such words on the internet? Is it because we do not know what they mean? No! Of course not. It is because we yearn to know how other people defines these …show more content…
But I tell you, no father is perfect except the Heavenly Father himself. Many children in this world with a father takes it for granted. Yet I tell you, how can you take your father for granted? There are more than SEVENTEEN MILLION children in the US who are fatherless. About 23.6% children living in the US are fatherless; One out of five children in the the US are fatherless. A normal school-class (here) has around 25 students. Five students in that class are fatherless. In a normal school (here), there is around 300 students. 60 students are fatherless. It may not seem much, yet how much does it impact those fatherless children? We with a father will never know. We with a father will only keep taking it for …show more content…
I know that we may anger you, annoy you, pester you, disappoint you, or ignore you, but we all love you very much too. Dad, I do not recall ever being yelled at by you in disappointment or anger, but of course I have been scolded by you thousands of times. I do not recall you ever striking or whipping me so hard that it would leave a burning pain on me, but of course I have been punished by you by kneeling down and raising my arm in a t-formation, causing a tiring pain on my arms. That is what I love about you, dad. You are always considerate of the feelings of your children. Your punishments were always to make us too tired to argue or it was to stop us from arguing with each other. I still remember you forcing Zeng and I to hug each other for a super long time for arguing. I still slightly remember you forcing Juablai and Gaoja to hold hands for a long time after they got into a deep argument. Your punishments were never to hurt us, but to force us to reconnect with one another. You are a dad who loves and cares. No matter the difficulties that you might go through, you still support all of us in our life and education so that we would live a better life than you and mom. That is what I love about you,

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