Fast Growing Non Union Manufacturing Organization Essay

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Labor unions have been around for centuries. They were put in place to help union members to ensure their wages and working conditions were up to par. Unions were formed so workers can have a voice to fight against employers due to unfair labor practices. Every employee wants to feel they are a valuable employee and feel they are being appreciated. In this paper, I will discuss how a large, fast growing non-union manufacturing organization that has multiple locations in the United States and plants in China and France that has persistent systematic labor violations in their plants. Workers are starting to complain about the working conditions and wages. They are willing to organize in order to fight back and seek help of a Union.
Labor union is formed in a private business under the National Labor Relations Act and gives employees a collective voice of their grievances for employers to listen. (Seaquist, G. 2015) In a union, the organization process is first step is to building an organized committee. Workers have the right to organize and to select exclusive bargaining agents to negotiate collective agreements defining their wages, hours, and working conditions. In an organized committee, identifying leadership to represent all employees in the workforce and bargaining units who share a common interest and can identify as a discrete group. The committee members must have the willingness to form the union and have good relationship that will not betray their willingness to…

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