Fast Food Restaurants : The Key Customer Market Essays

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The key customer market to target would be families with children 18 and adults up to age of 65, 68% of their occasions with pizza involve children. Companies should be cautious by segregating different groups in their perspective markets; therefore, they must seek counter alternatives to broaden the customer base. Many fast food restaurants are expanding the variety of their menus by getting away from the traditional cheese pizza; in which the Chicken and Waffle deep-dish pizza, gives families a different option. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that children of ages 3 -11 claim to prefer pizza out of all lunches and dinner selections. On the other hand, despite this attention on American families, pizza has proved to be popular among people of all ages up to 65 (Pizza Industry Analysis 2014 - Cost & Trends).

A study by the National Restaurant Association estimated that more than 75 percent of fast food restaurants introduced new menu items in 2000, while 66 percent intended to add new food items in 2001 (Operations Report 2010). On any particularly busy nights, there 's no harm in ordering a pizza, which can be served with a salad. The projections for the growth of this market is a 10-percent increase in a typical household 's per capita income would cause it to spend 6.4 percent and 3.2 percent more per capita at full-service and fast food restaurants, respectively. Away-from-home expenditures are typically higher for single-person households and households containing…

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