Fast Food Essay

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America Runs On Fast Food

The taste of greasy French fries and undercooked hamburger meat somehow makes Americans say one thing about fast food: “I’m lovin’ it.” These meals appeal to people as satisfying and addicting, however most do not consider the consequences to consuming significant amounts of fatty foods. It’s just a simple fact: eating large quantities of fast food results in the body gaining weight, and along with a minimal amount of physical activity, American obesity rates have steadily climbed over the years. In addition, it is inevitably proven that people in southern states are more obese than those elsewhere in the United States. Our very own state, North Carolina, is ranked #25 in the nation on obesity charts, having a rate of 29.4% of obese adults (“State Briefs”). With the help of fast food and an improper amount of physical activity, America has reached a peak with its number of overweight citizens. A person is considered obese when their weight-to-height ration, also known as a body mass index, reaches numbers of 30 or higher (Stobbe). Even though genetics and food misinformation are a pair of key factors, fast food and physical inactivity are the main causes of high obesity rates in the south. Food is all around us; it’s at home,
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For example, at Wendy’s you can willingly decide to get a full or half of an Asian Cashew Chicken Salad in size. While the smaller sample has two grams of fat, the step up from that has three and a half grams. Ultimately, striking before you know it, diseases can freely work into your body because of an excessive intake of calories in fast food. Arthritis, liver disease, diabetes, and cancer are a few to name. The evidence all adds up to reveal that constantly being addicted to fatty foods can damage your health severely, or worse,

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