American Fast Food

America Runs On Fast Food

The taste of greasy French fries and undercooked hamburger meat somehow makes Americans say one thing about fast food: “I’m lovin’ it.” These meals appeal to people as satisfying and addicting, however most do not consider the consequences to consuming significant amounts of fatty foods. It’s just a simple fact: eating large quantities of fast food results in the body gaining weight, and along with a minimal amount of physical activity, American obesity rates have steadily climbed over the years. In addition, it is inevitably proven that people in southern states are more obese than those elsewhere in the United States. Our very own state, North Carolina, is ranked #25 in the nation on obesity charts, having a rate
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In reality, it’s true in saying that everywhere you look, fast food dominates the restaurant business. There’s golden arches to the left, the king of burgers on the right, and maybe a few scattered cows that beg you to eat chicken more frequently. Also, the signs that advertise these hundreds of companies also expand on another important aspect: price. Not only does fast food make you crave more for your stomach, but it additionally jumps out at you in terms of money. Sandwiches are displayed for under a dollar, free refills on fountain drinks are available, and larger portions are an option for only a couple quarters extra. In 2009 alone, the country spent $1.79 billion on fast-food marketing towards kids from the ages of 2-17 years old (Levi). Americans fall for these slogans easily, but with the issue of money, people make these poor decision as a following effect of poverty. Recorded by Mike Stobbe, a survey for adult obesity rates in 2012 revealed that “it’s not surprising states in the South and Midwest top the charts year after year” (Stobbe). Areas of higher poverty rates, known as “food deserts,” contribute to the way a person chooses the foods they eat. With families having low income to begin with, it leaves them no choice but to settle for unhealthy, cheap foods. In 2012, McDonald’s alone made $35,600 million in sales because of their inexpensive …show more content…
Obesity rates 50 years ago were no higher than 15%, but today Mississippi and West Virginia top the charts with record numbers of 35.1% (Levi). Calories, along with many other unknown facts, can be consumed throughout the day and not burned off properly at a steady rate if no physical exercise is accounted for. In a Burger King Triple Whopper Sandwich alone, there are over half a day’s supply of calories, not including a side order and a fountain drink. However, quite an abundance of people believe that the meals all fast food places serve are loaded with junky ingredients and fat additives, but Subway, Panera, and Jason’s Deli are a few names who try to remain as fresh as possible (Oches). At Subway, the six-inch foot long with the most calories hits at 570, nearly half of the largest at Burger King. Divided in the same category is the consideration of calories from fat. When you eat dinner and the fat calories are half of what you are chewing, one might wish to consider their choices. From the charts below, one can notice that the calories from fat in Burger King meals are almost half of the actual sandwich while those at Subway are much lower. As one reporter points out the obvious, “diets

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