Fast Food As A Nation Essay

2217 Words Dec 4th, 2014 9 Pages
Your article, I must say is one of the most outstanding opinions on fast food that I have read thus far. I completely agree with your stance on how the fast food industry is making Americans obese and how it is our personal responsibility to try and stay away from it. You did a great job throughout your entire essay of making your point on how people need to prioritize and eat healthy although the process is difficult. Your use of a personal story about your relationship with fast food made your essay relatable. You showed us the lack of knowledge we have on fast food as a nation, the health risks that can occur, and how all companies care about is the money they take from us. Your thoughts on the entire situation of obesity and fast food in America really come alive through your use of the rhetorical appeals; logos, ethos, and pathos, the way you brought the reader in with your witty choice of words and how extraordinarily you were able to capture my attention and persuade me as a reader on your point of view.
At the beginning of your essay, you tell the reader a story about how you used to be one of those kids addicted to the fast food life. You put yourself in a position where the reader is able to connect with you on an emotional level given the fact that you know what it is like to be surrounded by unhealthy choices day in and day out. To connect on a personal level with your readers you said “I tend to sympathize with these portly fast-food patrons, though. Maybe…

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