Fast Food Argumentative Essay

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As one would expect their aren't many openly pro-obesity objectors. However, there are many people who object to the policies necessary to achieve lower obesity rates in children and the general population. First we have the food industry which of course with more regulation come less profits from the huge money to be made from unhealthy foods. Threatened by conceivable government regulation and basic popular supposition, The food industry frequently attempts self-administrative activities, issues explanations of sympathy toward open public, and attest that self-regulation is adequate to ensure the general health of the population. The food business has made exceptionally noticeable vows to abridge minors food advertising,
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This is only one example of hundreds that the food industry fails to self regulate itself when it comes to providing healthy food for masses including children. One of the worst parts of the problem with the food industry's “attempt” at self regulation is that they believe they have already succeeded in solving the problem and that their food is now ok for the public. As much as they claim their food is fine, in the last years obesity is still on the rise with one of the main differences between now and before when obesity levels were lower is the easily accessible unhealthy food. My solution has actually been proven to work and has worked in the past. However, ignoring the detrimental effects of unhealthy food on our society is what is causing the obesity trend. For these companies helping the general population is just a meaningless waste of money. Others who oppose the required policy changes to combat obesity are certain writers and politicians. While they try to argue many things against food regulation one of their biggest concerns is that regulating food goes against our freedoms and will cost us more money. They believe that the downsides of government regulation outweighs the possible decrease of obesity. However, theirs claims aren't backed by much evidence

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