Fast Food And The Food Industry Essay

1500 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
McDonalds is somewhere everyone has eaten at, at least once in their lifetime. What they do not know is what they are eating. People today trust anyone with their food in order to save time for work and other important tasks. The time spent on cooking meals in America has "fallen by half since the mid-sixties" (Pollan, "Cooked" 3). Nutrition has been put in the hands of fast food corporations around the world. Unfortunately, fast food corporations such as McDonalds are mainly concerned about money, not health and nutrition. The food produced by McDonalds and other fast food establishments is the unhealthiest food people can eat and leads to serious illnesses. Nutrition is something that is lacking in the modern day human diet. McDonalds has played a vital role in decreasing the amount of people who cook. It leads people to have less shared meals and massively unhealthy amounts of sugar and trans fat. As surprising as it may sound, McDonalds has a nutritionist on board named Cindy Goody. Dr. Goody is a registered dietitian and McDonald 's Director of Nutrition. Even though Goody is a nutritional professional, Andy Bellatti from the Huffington Post comments on how Goody claims that "McDonald 's is 'making nutrition more mainstream ' with the likes of fruit and maple oatmeal and premium chicken sandwich buns that offer eight grams of whole grains" ( Bellatti provides evidence that disproves Goody 's claim that McDonalds is indeed "nutritious." The…

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