Fast Food And Obesity

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Did you know that more than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese in America (Overweight)? According to the Oxford English Dictionary to be obese is to be very fat or fleshy; extremely overweight (Discover). This is an extremely high number of obese Americans. The culture of everyday people has changed into a more sedentary life style. To combat the fact that people have become obese they will make excuses and blame their weight on the food. Fast food is not to blame, so why and how have people become so overweight? The answer is lifestyle choices combined with a lack of self-control.
Junk food is food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation (Google Def). Junk food and fast food are intended to be eaten on the go and contain preservatives like ammonium sulfate,
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Fast food has many effect on the body such as it causes acne, is hard on the heart, high blood pressure and depression (Pietrangelo and Carey). All of these can affect overall health and happiness. If someone continually ate junk food then they can expect to gain weight. Putting unhealthy foods and drinks in the body is destructive. In fact “$117 billion dollars” a year is spent on care for people who are overweight (DeAngelis 291). Living and caring for the changes that come with obesity are challenging. For example when people are using electric scooters around amusement parks because they cannot walk for too long. Also become more tired and short of breath quickly. Imagine carrying around 300 pounds all day; think of the stress on the knees and joints. The stress of everyday life is exhausting with all that

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