Fast Food Advertising: The Negative Effects Of Advertising Effect On Teenagers

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Advertising Effect on Teenagers

The main purpose of advertisement is to persuade a consumer to purchase their product. In the 1700s they advertised to consumers using posters and newspapers. Whereas today we advertise using social media, posters, internet, television and much more. According to William Rodgers, “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don 't have for something they don 't need.” Rodgers explains that advertising consist of convincing people to buy a product that they know that they don’t need, which is what they’re doing to teenagers today. Even though advertising does possess its positive aspects on teenagers it does possess its negative aspects on teenagers.
Throughout the year, teens view numerous
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According to Shari Graydon 1 in 3 kids in North America are overweight or obese. Researchers of, University of British Columbia, have come to theories that suggest that banning fast- food advertisements to children may actually curtail obesity. Quebec has held a recent study that found that with the reduction of fast food advertising in their community there has been a 13% reduction in fast food payments and 2 billion to 4 billion fewer calorie intake by children (Musemeche 1). Food advertisers spend numerous amounts of money to promote their product says ,David M. Haugen, “Food companies spend $2.5 billion a year to promote restaurant and $2 billion to promote food products” (16). A specific type of food that spends numerous amounts of money is cereal; “cereal companies spend $264 million to promote child- targeted cereals in 2011” (Musemeche 2). According to, David M. Haugen kids see 40,000 ads per year on ads that do not represent healthy food (16). The amount that advertisers show healthy food is a slim number of 3%, that kids don 't see that often. When kids view a junk food commercial they become more likely to request to have junk food, which can lead to obesity if its consumed very …show more content…
Marketers try to sell multiple products to teenagers such as food, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Marketers reach out to teenagers in many different ways to get their attention such as using the internet and putting “cookies” (files) into the consumers’ computer, to see where they visit the most websites and show advertisements there. Teenagers are targeted because teenagers receive money from many people such as family and friends. They have multiple ways to receive money from allowance, jobs and gifts, whereas adults they receive money only from jobs. Teenagers have a great affect on their parents to buy them products so their parents feel like they’re needed in their kid’s life. Teenagers are affected by advertisements by buying their product it could lead to a bad path in their life. They could take drugs, tobacco and alcohol and become addicted, to their product which can lead to a rough future. Food advertisements can lead teenagers to become obese and have health risks that can be life threatening. All in all, advertisements can have its positive effects on teenagers but has its definite negative effects on teenagers throughout their

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