Essay about Fashion in the 1920's

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Women’s Fashion in the 1920’s
Fashion became a large influence on women in the 1920’s. This allowed women to become independent and free from the society. Many designers such as, Coco Chanel, Jeanne Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo have made an enormous impact on the evolution of women’s clothing. Styles of clothing have changed overtime, especially during the 1920’s era. During this time, hemlines became shorter, clothing was more revealing, women dressed freely and the sophistication and elegance of the clothing was drifting farther apart. Also bobbed haircuts became an in style phenomenon. Clothing had definitely become a big effect on women. Women were no longer treated as possessions, but as equals to men. Clothing was made more
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She was a very important key figure in the 1920’s fashion industry. She was known for and had skilful use of intricate trimmings, beaded decorations and floral colours⁶. Some of Lanvin’s trademark clothing designs were furs and lingerie, but the most significant expansion was the creation of her fragrances⁶. Still to this day the Lanvin Fashion House has made an incredible impact on today’s women fashions. Salvatore Ferragamo was also another important key figure in the fashion industry. He was a male Italian shoe designer and designed for both men and women, but women’s clothing and shoe wear were his strengths. Ferragamo always had a passion for shoe design and loved avant-garde, yet always remained to make traditional elegant shoes. He always had made a scientific and creative approach to design caged and wedged heals⁷. His legacy still lives on today and is one of the top shoe designers in the world. Without a doubt, these three iconic fashion designers have made an amazing impact on the way we now look at fashion and if it was not for them, fashion today would not have its toll.
Styles have changed over time and women started to wear more revealing clothing. Women who chose to dress like this were called Flappers. Flappers were the type of women who embraced short haircuts, revealed their skin and accessorized with silver and pearl necklaces. Most of the clothing that was worn by women was dresses and in 1927 the

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