Compare And Contrast Fascism And Communism

Fascism and Communism changed the face of the world forever after World War II. They were 2 great forces that struck Europe and exploded into the changes of many countries and the death of many people. We are taught about World War II so people know what a tragedy and how to prevent something like this from happening again. As Well as knowing how these events happened and how these men came to power. Fascism and Communism are the 2 political systems that have tried to put an end to each other during World War II. The Fascists consisted of the Germans and Italians, while the Communists consisted of the Soviet Union, which now is modern day Russia. Even Though they hate each other, both have ideas that make them similar, but for the most part different. The Fascists and Communists had a fear for each …show more content…
The Fascists saw the Communists as somewhat barbarians and feared the spread of their ideas in Germany. Communists saw the Fascists as a threat because they wanted control of all of Europe, and they attacked the Soviet Union and were cruising their forces. Both Fascism and Communism style governments are run by a dictator, a person who has complete control of the country and the people living there. Furthermore both Fascists and Communists made a type of work/labor camp, Fascists made the concentration camp and the Communists made the Gulag. The concentration camp was originally

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