Farmers Who Grow Genetically Engineered Crops Essay

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Farmers who grow genetically engineered (GE) crops are trying to capitalize on the

higher profits and reduced environmental benefits that come from genetically

engineered plants/domestic animals such as lower production costs, fewer pest

problems, reduced use of pesticides, that produce better yields compared to

growing crops conventionally or breeding domestic animals that cannot produce

enough product to make a profit. Since 1994 farmer have been genetically

engineering long lasting tomatoes which produces less of the substance that cause

tomatoes to rot and allows them to remain fresh for a long time. To do this

Scientists and plant breeders first identify a gene of interest then isolate the

DNA containing the desired gene and purify it. The genes are removed from the long

DNA strands by restriction enzymes that can located the beginning and end of the

gene, tightly bind to it, and snip out the desired gene. That is only half of the

long process that is needed to produce a genetically engineered crop. In order for

one to produce a genetically engineered animal one must add additional or altered

genetic material (e.g., recombinant DNA (rDNA)) through use of modern

biotechnology tools. Examples include transgenic pigs and sheep that have been

genetically altered to express higher levels of growth hormone. Other animals have

also been genetically engineered may include the following (chickens, goats,

sheep, dogs, cats, fish, rats, and…

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