Fantale Geothermal Energy Case Study

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4.2.5. The Fantale geothermal prospect area
The Fantale geothermal prospect is characterized by recent summit felsic lava, caldera collapse, extrusions in the caldera bottom and widespread fumarolic activity, signifying thereby the existence of a shallow magma chamber (Tekelemariam and Beyene, 2005). Active tensional tectonics form fissures up to 2m near the volcanic complex. From the area ground water discharge to the system is guaranteed by the proximity of the area to the western escarpment. The outcome of an integrated interpretation of previous data recommended the area for future have potential and detailed geothermal resource investigations were conducted. Therefore, As a result of the presence of an impermeable limited rock, the western
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5. Advantage and Disadvantage of Geothermal Energy
5.1. Advantages of Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy’s most important advantages are that it is generated cleanly and renewably. As Stated by Richardson (2016) electricity produced by geothermal energy produced no carbon emissions or air pollution like burning coal, gas, and oil does. This energy knowledge can be built at the utility-scale and it can be installed in many structures.
Some points listed below are advantages of geothermal energy:-
1) Geothermal energy is a renewable source of energy and energy saving.
2) Mostly, it is non-polluting and environmentally
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The target areas of assessment are Tendaho, Aluto Langano, Corbetti and Abaya. Geo-scientific studies including: - (i) geological, (ii) geophysical (iii) geochemical, (MT, TEM, Gravity and Magnetics) and (iv) Reservoir Engineering studies are being conducted in these areas. The objectives of the prospect are to locate and identify areas (sites) for long depth drilling that can supplement the already available ones, and upgrade and synthesize all existing information to establish a geothermal exploration theoretical model for future feasibility studies (Kebede,

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