Family Values : My Family Essay

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In order for me to identify my family values I had to interview three of my family members as well as to utilize my experience in life. My family is a and African American family and as far as anyone in my family can remember we have always been in America. However I do not believe that is true, after doing several days of probing I wasn’t able to discredit that statement. We are a Christian base family and we try really hard to live by the rules in the bible. Just like the other millions of Christian families we often backslide on our religion and start to live the way that we do. Sooner or later we always come back to our Christian base and repent and try it all over again. It seems like a never-ending cycle, but that’s on of the greatest things about being a Christian our creator never gives up on us. In my family money has always been a problem. We never have enough of it. Some reason for the lack of funds in my family are the lack of job held, drug abuse and unnecessary spending. I believe that if we were able to get some family members off of drugs and manage our spending that we would be financially stable. We would probably still be in the low economic class, but I think that we would have enough money to be comfortable. While I was growing up my immediate family which includes my mom and my dad were very poor. I can remember having two CPS cases open because my mom didn’t have food for me to eat and my hygiene was terrible. While I was growing up honestly I did…

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